Buyer's Purchase Count / Repeat Buyer


Targeting Buyer's Purchase Count feature allows you to send unique email messages to your buyers based on their purchase count. 

Navigate to Campaigns
 > Campaign Manager


or click into an existing Campaign to edit.

Inside the campaign builder locate the “Advanced options” section 


Click "Show"

The purchase count per buyer is calculated based on your historic order data that is imported during your initial MWS sync.  

 *The purchase count is based on orders, not items purchased.

(1) Send email to ALL Buyers

By default, each new email campaign you create will have all four check boxes selected in the Buyer's Purchase Count filter as pictured below:


In this scenario the campaign will send an email to all orders targeted in the order matching rules regardless of how many times the customer have bought from you.

However, there are different scenarios in which you may want to change the purchase count in the Buyer's Purchase Count filter.

(2) Send emails to 1st purchase buyers only (exclude repeat buyers)

Ex: If you want to send a specific review request email only for the buyer's first purchase, then you would select only the 1st purchase box and they would not receive any emails if they had purchased more than once:


(3) Send emails only to Repeat Buyers

Ex: If you want to send the same review request email for all Repeat Buyers, then you would check the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th purchase or more boxes:


(4) Send different emails to Buyers for each purchase count 

In the case where you want to send a different email message for each purchase count, you would need to create multiple campaigns with each campaign targeting a specific template and purchase count.


You need to check "1st Purchase" if you wish to only target the 1st purchase:


You need to check "2nd Purchase" if you wish to only target the 2nd purchase:


You need to check "3rd Purchase" if you wish to only target the 3rd purchase:


You need to check "4th Purchase or more" if you wish to only target buyers that have bought more than 4 times:


*Always make sure to check all your campaign settings before activating a campaign to prevent sending duplicate emails to your customers.*

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