Email Queue System [Video]

Using the Email Queue System

Navigate to Campaigns > Email Queue

The email queue system gives users full visibility of all emails that will be sent out to customers through FeedbackWhiz. 


Anytime a campaign is created and set active, all orders that are being targeted by that campaign will show exactly how many emails will be sending out along with campaign, timing, and template information.


You have the ability to search the Email Queue by all orders, ASIN, SKU, Order ID. You can also filter by email campaigns. 


Users can manually remove emails from the queue by clicking on the green button "Remove order from the queue" 

Users have the option to "Mark order as DNS (Do Not Solicit)" which will block ALL emails from being sent to this buyer including the current order or any future orders this customer places with you.

Users can also remove entire queues by setting a campaign to the "inactive" state.

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