I'm switching to FeedbackWhiz from another Service, How do I transition and not send duplicate emails to my buyers?

To get started, first decide which campaign type you would like to use by referencing campaign types.  

To set up your Amazon campaign to automate the Request review button click here.

To setup your templates and campaigns on FeedbackWhiz.

Click here to learn how to create email templates.

Click here to learn how to create a campaign

Set the campaigns to inactive. 

Then shut off the other service and take note of the ORDER ID of the last email sent from there.

Go to your campaign, click on edit, then set the campaign as "Active"  and click on "review and save" button.  Ignore the screen where it asks about sending to past orders.  (you want to skip this step so you don't send duplicated emails).

When you activate any campaign(s) on FeedbackWhiz, by default, it will only target orders that come in after activation.  You should not have any issues with sending duplicated emails to buyers from your past email service provider.

But you may have a small gap of missed Orders where emails are not delivered.

Navigate to the ORDERS page and then search for the ORDER ID that had the last email sent from your previous email service provider.

Then you can identify which orders were missed since you can see on that page which orders have emails queued up in our system already.

Finally, you can manually send an email to those "missed emails" Orders using this method:

If you have custom email campaigns setup then refer to Manual emails

If you are using then Amazon campaign then to manually trigger the button click here.

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