Glossary of Terms

ASIN The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is an alphanumeric ID code generated by Amazon. An ASIN is specific to an item type and can be a parent ID for a multi-variation listing. 
Buy Box The box on a product detail page is where customers start their purchase process. Amazon's algorithm chooses a specific seller to win the Buy Box ownership.  These sellers must meet performance-based requirements to be eligible to compete for Buy Box placement. 
Campaign Custom email campaigns can be created using the campaign manager from feedbacks.  Active campaigns automatically send out emails using created templates with specific timing and rules you have chosen.
Competitors Competitors are other sellers on the offer page listing selling the same item as you.  Product review manager displays the number of competitors for each product you sell. 
Do Not Solicit (DNS) This is a filter option in the Order Management section.  When an order is marked "Do Not Solicit" no emails will be sent to this order.
Email Template Custom email templates can be created using template creator.  Create templates for specific customers/orders and use campaigns to automate when and who the templates are sent to.
FBA  The Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program allows sellers to have their items stored and shipped from Amazon's warehousing facilities. Because of this, these items are generally preferred for Buy Box Placement.
FBM The Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) is where sellers ship directly from their warehouse to you.  Shipping and handling times are generally longer than FBA orders.  In addition, Prime members may not be eligible for free shipping.
Featured Merchant Merchants who sell items that are Buy Box eligible. These sellers must maintain high performance levels in order to retain the status of "Buy Box eligible".
Opted Out Buyers When an order shows as "opted out" the customer has clicked the opt out link inside the solicitation email.  When an buyer "opts" out, no more emails can be sent this this person.
Pending/Unshipped Orders These are orders that have been placed by a customer, but is pending payment or shipment approval from Amazon.
Promotions Orders marked with a "$" next to the product desciption mean that the customer received a discount on either the shipping or purchase price.  Filtering using "promotions" can quickly show orders where you may have offered a promo code or discount to your customers.
Refunded Orders These are orders that have been refunded through Amazon FBA only.  As of now there is no option to see FBM refunded orders
Repeat Buyers These are orders where a customer has purchased more than one transaction.  
SKU A Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is the ID, usually alphanumeric, of a specific product that allows the seller distinguish it from other products in their inventory. The SKU ID is created by the seller and is specific to a variation of an item (i.e, size, color, etc..)
Verified Purchase Product reviews are labeled as verified purchase when a product review is written from an actual sale/purchase from  Having this label may give more credibility to the review.


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