Account Marketplace can be accessed through the Top Navigation Bar

Your Name > Account Settings > Marketplace


1. Amazon Seller's Email Address-  Enter a Registered or approved Email address for Amazon Seller central. Your Amazon seller central email address is typically what you would enter here as it is already an approved sender, but you may use an alternate email address.  All emails sent pass through Amazon first therefore this address must be registered otherwise your customers will not receive any emails.  

2. Amazon Marketplaces-  Feedbackwhiz will automatically check for active marketplaces linked to your Amazon seller account.  You can view the current status and additional information provided.  Clicking the "Default" box will select the marketplace that you will see first when you login into Feedbackwhiz.

3. Registered Email addresses- To check whether the email address is an approved sender, click here or Login to your Amazon Seller Central, click "Messages" on the Top Bar, Click "Alternate Address" in the Tools and resources box on the right hand area.

Once you are in the Alternate Address page, enter your email address and click "Add to List"  Now you can use this email address to send emails through Feedbackwhiz.



4.  Seller Central Integration-  

Users have the ability to integrate positive feedback info from customer orders into their order manager and dashboard.

In order to take advantage of these features, Seller Central Integration must be completed.

Click here to learn about Seller Central Integration


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