Basic View: View Data Row Toolbar

Learn how to use the row toolbar for any View Data product.


This article shows you how to use the row toolbar found inside View Data.  This toolbar can be found in both Basic and Advanced views.

1.  Using the Row Toolbar

Each row in the View Data table has information about one product.  Here is what the row toolbar looks like in Basic View:


1.1  Opening the Select Box

There's a white check box on the top of the row. If you check the box on one or more rows, a Select Box displays at the top of the page.  

  1. Check the box on a row to open a toolbar.
  2. Check multiple rows, if desired.

Note: The number of checked items displays on the Select Box.

1.1.2  Select All

Click this button to select every item in the table on this page. Any other action you take (e.g. update or delete) affects the selected items. 

After clicking SELECT ALL, the number of highlighted items displays in the menu.

1.1.3  Deselect All

  • Click DELSELECT ALL to uncheck every item. After clicking this button, the toolbar hides.

Deselect All

1.4  Update 

Use this tool to update table information for selected rows.

  1. Click the UPDATE button. Two new buttons display.
  2. To get current information for all products, click UPDATE ALL DATA.


  1. Click UPDATE ADJUSTED PRICES to update only the adjusted prices. A new panel displays. 
  2. Add updated data.
  3. Click either UPDATE ALL ENTRIES or UPDATE

1.1.5 Delete

This tool has two functions:

  1. Click the DELETE button. Two new buttons display.
  2. Click DELETE SELECTED to remove the checked items from the table.
  3. Clicked MARK AS MISMATCHED to keep the items in the system but flag the source product as a bad match for the Amazon product. The row is removed from the table.


1.1.6  Move and Copy

You can move or copy selected rows to a different folder.

  1. Click the dropdown to select a folder. The default is called Main Folder - Search.
  2. To create a new folder, click the Plus (+) button and then enter a new folder name.
  3. Click MOVE TO FOLDER to move selected items to the selected folder. This option removes items from the View Data table.
  4. Click COPY TO FOLDER to place a duplicate copy of selected items in the selected folder. This keeps selected items on the View Data table.

Move and Copy

1.2  Save button

The row toolbar has a panel of 4 buttons. The heart-shaped button is a Save button.

  1. Heart button. A new panel displays so you can see where an item is saved or choose where to save.
  2. Once the heart button is selected, use the dropdown to select a destination folder.
  3. Click Save to place a copy of the product in the selected folder. The row stays in View Data.
  4. Click MOVE to place the row in the selected folder. The row is removed from View Data.
  5. Click the green [+] button to create a new folder.

1.3  Update Data

Click the UPDATE button to get current stock and pricing information about this product.

1.4  Delete 

Use the DELETE button to remove selected items.

1.4  Using the delete button

Click MARK AS MISMATCHED to keep the items in the system but flag the source product as a mismatch for the Amazon product. The row is removed from the table and added to Analysis (left sidebar) "Your Matches". 

1.5  Using the Notes button

Use this button to keep notes about the product. 

  1. Click the NOTES button. A notes panel displays the name of the product you are looking at.
  2. Write a note and click SAVE.
  3. The pencil will turn green to indicate a note is there, and the note will also appear in the Note column and become searchable by filters.

Product note

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