How do I automatically mark orders as Do Not Solicit via email?

Automatically marking orders as Do not solicit will allow sellers to automatically blacklist orders.

Sellers will need to send emails to their assigned FeedbackWhiz SCN email address for opt-outs to auto "DNS" Amazon orders ONE at a time. 


1) First, go to your FeedbackWhiz Marketplace Settings page!/marketplace

Here you will see your custom assigned email addresses for EACH marketplace and EACH type of notification.

For instance, your Amazon (US) Buyer Opt-Out Email will be different than your Amazon (CA) Buyer-Opt-Out Email.



2) Send an email to this unique Buyer Opt-out email address as shown in the screenshot above, please double check that it is spelled correctly or we will not receive the request 

3) Subject line in the email must include "FBW_ORDER_AUTO_DNS"

4) The message body must include "[ID]" where ID is the Amazon order ID to auto DNS in FeedbackWhiz. Must include the brackets as well.

Example: [111-212341-21312]

Orders will be marked as "Do Not Solicit" within 20 minutes.

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