How will Amazon's data protection policy impact your email template variables?

Customer's Personally Identifiable Data (PID) is not allowed to be stored in our system due to Amazon's data protection policies

Amazon considers these data points PID:

  1. Buyer Full Name 
  2. Buyer First Name
  3. Shipping Address Line 1
  4. Shipping Address Line 2
  5. Shipping Phone Number

Please review the content of your email templates if any of your templates include buyer related variables. 

[[CUSTOMER_NAME]] will populate with the placeholder "Customer"
[[CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME]] will populate with the placeholder "Customer"
[[SHIPPING_ADDRESS_1]] will not populate with any content
[[SHIPPING_ADDRESS_2]] will not populate with any content

Email templates will need to be modified if you are using the above variables. We suggest changing the “Hello customer” to “Hello there” or “Hey there” etc.


You will no longer see buyer PII such as the buyer name shipment recipient name, or shipment recipient address fields throughout FeedbackWhiz, including any new reports you generate for download


The Buyer data will still be accessible via Seller Central Amazon-Fulfilled Shipments Report:

Step 1: Go to Reports -> Fulfillment
Step 2: Under Sales on the left side, click on "Amazon Fulfilled Shipments"
Step 3: Select date range and download
Step 4: Copy txt file to a spreadsheet
Step 5: Remove all irrelevant columns, and keep the important ones like Full names and addresses


** Note: You may still contact customers via email just keep in mind of the above changes. **




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