Why am I getting emails from Amazon about "your message to the buyer cannot be delivered"?

After sending out emails through FeedbackWhiz, you may receive a notification email from Amazon saying: "Your message to the buyer cannot be Delivered".

The reason you are receiving this message is because Amazon shoppers have the ability to opt-out or unsubscribe from emails from sellers.  This is normal and approximately 20% of buyers have opted-out.  

If you wish to not receive these notifications, you can shut them off in seller central from the notifications page.

Please follow the exact steps below:

Step 1 - Select the Marketplace 

** Please ensure that you are viewing the correct marketplace in Seller Central. For instance, if you are removing the buyer opt-out email for Amazon (US), please ensure your Seller Central has the US marketplace selected.


Step 2 - Modifying the Opt-Out Email

Scroll down to find the "Messaging" section and click the "Edit" button:


Ensure the "Buyer Opt-Out" checkbox is checked, but remove your email address from the email field.  Make sure not to delete the FeedbackWhiz custom email address and if you haven't done this step, please add your custom assigned FeedbackWhiz email address as a new email recipient.  Click here for more details on how to find your custom assigned FeedbackWhiz email address.  If you do not do this, then FeedbackWhiz will not be able to detect your buyer opt orders.


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