How to Use Filters

Filtering your Orders



The filter menu is located on the right side of the search bar.  It allows users to search for specific orders types.
Clicking the carrot button next to "Filters Selected" expands a drop down search menu.
When a filter is selected, a check mark will appear next to it.  You may select multiple filters at once.
Click the green "Search" button once you have your filters selected to see the results.

FBA- Fulfilled by Amazon orders
FBM- Fufilled by Merchant orders
W/Promotions-  Orders where customers have received a discount on product price or shipping either through a promo code  or Amazon promotion
W/Feedback-  Orders where customers have a feedback

W/Refund- Orders that are refunds

W/Gift- Orders that are gift items 


Buyer Filters

Do Not Solicit- You can mark orders as orders as Do not solicit.  No emails will be sent to DNS orders.
Repeat Buyers- Orders which customers have purchased more than one transaction.
Opted-Out Buyers- Orders where customers have chosen to opt-out of receiving future emails from you.

Order Status Filters
Pending- Orders in pending status- Customer placed order but payment may not have been verified yet.
Unshipped- Orders that have not been shipped by you or Amazon
Shipped- Orders that have been shipped
Delivered- Orders that have been delivered
Canceled- Orders that have been canceled
Returned- Orders that have been returned (FBA only)

Order Emails

Has sent- emails that were sent

Has opened- emails that were opened

None sent- orders that have no emails sent 

Is queued- Emails that are queued to send at scheduled time

No queue- Orders that have no emails queued 

Item(s) Purchased Quantity- how many items were purchased 1-5 or more 

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