Alert Settings

Alerts Settings allows you to create custom alerts for services you subscribed to on FeedbackWhiz. Each service provides a different variation of conditions to fine-tune the details of your custom alerts. To locate the Alerts settings please refer to


Alerts Settings provide options to create and manage custom alerts based on your needs. Alerts Dashboard gathers alerts triggered by custom alerts created in Alerts Settings.


Marketplace: Select an appropriate marketplace to see the custom alerts associated with that marketplace.
Service: Any, Email Summary, Feedback Manager, Order Manager, Product Monitoring, Profits.
Condition: Any
Frequency: Any, Immediately, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Status: Any, Active, Inactive
Search by Product information, Product List, and Subscriber List.
Filter by date range using date picker widget.
Sort by Date Created, Service Type, Product List Name, Number of Subscribers, Frequency or descending and ascending.

Create Alert: Create Custom Alerts that best fit your needs within the subscribed services on FeedbackWhiz. To create an Alert refer to

List Management: Manage Product List and Subscriber List from List Management. To Manage the Product list refer to To manage the Subscriber list refer to 

Alerts Settings table displays custom alerts created with related information such as active status and associated services, product list, and subscriber list.


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