Alerts Dashboard

Alerts Dashboard allows you to keep track of critical events related to your products. Alerts Dashboard gathers alerts triggered by custom alerts created in Alerts Settings. The Alerts Dashboard can be located here


Alerts Settings provide options to create and manage custom alerts based on your needs.


Marketplace: Select an appropriate marketplace to see the custom alerts associated with that marketplace. 
Service: Any, System Maintenance, MWS, Account, Order, Feedback, Product Monitoring, Profits.
Condition: Any
Rating: Any
Progress: Any, New, Open, In Progress, Resolved
Notes: Any, With Notes, Without Notes, Today's Notes. Yesterday's Notes
Search by Product information (Names, ASIN(s), SKU(s)). 
Search by Labels that were created in the Product Manager.
Filter by date range using date picker widget.
Sort by: Date, Product Review Ratings, Feedback Ratings, Progress Status. Sort by Descending and Ascending.

Stat cards provide quick stats on rating specific alerts, progress status, and notes.


Alerts Dashboard table: Alerts Dashboard table display alerts with additional information related to the individual alert properties, such as ratings associated with the service.


1) Navigate to additional pages and select the number of alerts is shown per page.

2) Bulk options: Select all, none, and change status in bulk.

3) Notes: Add notes to remind or communicate with other users.

4) Labels: Labels from other subscribed services are displayed here. Each label is identified by the service color assigned. Order Manager: yellow tag, Feedback Manager: tear tag, Profits: purple tag, Product Monitoring: blue tag, Product Review: green tag.

5) Progress: Change the Progress status of each alert to note the advancement of resolution of any related issues. Options- New, Open, In Progress, Resolved. 

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