How to Group Product Reviews

There are 2 view types you can choose from within the Product Review Manager.

The 2 icons on the right hand side of the page will allow you to toggle between the 2 views.

1.  Group by Reviews-  This is the default view inside Product Review Manager.  Reviews will be displayed in the order of most recent to oldest by date.  The advantage of using this view is that you can quickly see the latest reviews that come in for all your products being monitored in a single view.

2.  Group by Products-  This view will display the Product Reviews being grouped together by same ASIN.  The advantage of this view is that if you are interested in a particular ASIN's reviews, it is very easy to read all the reviews at once.

To expand and view the reviews of a specific product, click the "Show Review" button on the right side.
Once expanded you will see all the reviews and metrics.
To Hide the view of reviews, click the "Hide Reviews" button on the right side.


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