Dashboard Basics

Using Dashboard

On the main toolbar, Navigate to Dashboard 

The Dashboard view provides a quick summary of key data metrics such as Orders, Feedback, and Product Reviews.  There are 4 main graphs widgets displayed in the dashboard along with a table of statistics and history of campaigns.  





1. Time Bar-  You can choose different time frames in which you want the Graphs and tables to reflect.  Choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Year to Date and Custom Dates.  When the time frame is changed, all graphs, tables, and campaign widgets will update instantly to reflect the chosen time frame.

2.  Orders Graph- Provides data on Orders(FBA/FBM) and Emails sent

3.  Feedback Graph- Provides data on Positive, Neutral, Negative, and feedback removed

4.  Sales Graph- Provides data on Product Sales and Promotions given

5. Product Review Graph- Provides data on Product Review Ratings received

6. Quick Stats Tables- Provides data on Best Selling Products, Frequent Buyers, and most reviewed products

7. Campaign History- Provides data on current and past campaigns.

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