I received a negative feedback, how do I get it removed?

You can request Amazon to remove certain types feedbacks as long as they fall within their guidelines.

To request removal of feedback, from Feedbackwhiz main navigation bar, navigate to Feedbacks > Feedback Manager. Locate the negative feedback you want removed and click the carrot down on the right hand side >Contact Amazon Seller Support.

Once you are at the Amazon Seller Support page, navigate to Selling on Amazon > Customers and Orders

and paste the Order number into the search box and click search

Then click <input id="question_30001_radio_button_id" name="config.current_question_id" type="radio" value="30001"><span class="a-label a-radio-label">Customer Feedback Removal Request

Now wait for an email confirmation about the status of the feedback removal request.

If Amazon does not remove it and you would like to contact the customer, choose contact customer in the Feedbackwhiz seller manager and pick a template to send.

If you’re an FBA seller and the feedback you received mentions only problems regarding the fulfillment of the item, for example, problems with shipping or packaging, it can be also be removed through Amazon Customer Service method.

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